St. Elizabeth Healthcare is proud to designate more than 8,400 square feet on the first floor of its newest facility to patient and family support services. This designated space within the Cancer Center will be called the doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology.

The new St. Elizabeth Cancer Center will offer a holistic, patient-centered approach to care, and the doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology will offer integrative oncology services. Treating the whole patient, not just their disease, is the goal. Patients and their families will have the resources they need throughout their cancer journey all in one place

What is integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology is a holistic, patient-centered approach to care. Treating the whole patient, not just their disease, is a goal of the doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology.

Patients and their caregivers will have the resources they need throughout their cancer journey all in one location. Therefore, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and doTERRA became partners in this effort.

When will the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center open?

Construction began Summer of 2018, and with construction on schedule the Cancer Center is on track to open Fall 2020.

What services are provided by the new doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology at the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center?

Integrative Medicine

From massage and acupuncture to joint adjustments and homeopathic remedies, our integrative medicine interventions will help improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers as they are going through diagnosis, treatment and into survivorship.

Art & Music Therapy

Creative art therapies encourage patients to embrace the creative process to express emotions that are often difficult to express in words. Developing this form of self-expression not only inspires personal growth but also nurtures social interaction, which can enhance healing and relieve anxiety.


In a quiet corner of the building, patients and caregivers will find a sanctuary to reflect, pray or simply relax before or after treatments or appointments. Staffed with clergy and chaplains experienced in the psychosocial aspects of cancer, it will serve as a source of spiritual and emotional support — or simply a place to pause — for those in need.

Mind-Body Therapies

Regular practice of mind-body exercises is reported to increase flexibility, ease difficulty breathing, offset fatigue, improve sleep quality, reduce stress and enhance mood. Here, our specially trained instructors will create an atmosphere of tranquility where patients can feel anxiety transform to calm and worry to peace.

Counseling & Support Groups

Cancer affects everyone differently. Our partners at Cancer Support Community will be hosting a variety of support groups and programs for all those journeying with cancer. Here, patients and families will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s stories, gaining strength and hope along the way.

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